Sisi Ekò

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✨✨The SISI EKO KAFTAN COLLECTION✨✨There is something about a Kaftan, especially in lace that gives that elegant, classy and sensual feeling! I'm forever a fan of kaftan because it exudes comfort in all forms. And lace is one of the most popular fabrics used universally and to Owambe - a party in Nigeria style. Which is why this collection is named Sisi Eko;

Sisi Eko is a term used to describe a young beautiful Lady from Lagos. Sisi: (young Lady), Eko: (Lagos)This collection depicts a lady who is always trendy, classy and fashionable and the de facto social butterfly in her country/state. A staple at the country’s hottest parties and social functions, she can hold down a well-paying day job to bankroll her glamorous live. Sisi Eko uses her endless connections and interminably deep pockets to score an invite to every event worth mentioning and is heavily armed with an extensive wardrobe full of designer pieces to look the part. This is how we want you to feel wearing these beautiful pieces.

Fits up to size 4XL

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