Prisca’S Art is an Afrocentric clothing brand that approach Fashion from the Viewpoint of Fine art. Our Designs Make You the Masterpiece! Established out of love...love for nature, art, culture, clothes, and all things beautiful. We are passionate about mixing art with wearability, making every woman, man and children see the fun and beautiful side of them. An all-inclusive brand that caters to the plus-size/Curvy women in the market that tries to ignore them.

Established in 2018 by Angela Enwezor, Prisca’S Art has been an outlet for this mother of amazing boy and a girl to help women (most importantly) realize their dreams of being fashionable, chic while hiding the multitude of sins that comes with motherhood. It is all about designing to fit your Lifestyle & Personality. 

We predominantly use African fabrics like Batik, Adire, Kente and Ankara to create modern functional pieces that appeal to The contemporary woman.